The development of the China’s electronic chemicals industry

The development of the China’s electronic chemicals industry

Electronic chemicals, also known as electronic chemical materials, generally refer to the special chemicals and chemical materials used in the electronics industry, including electronic components, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, industrial and consumer machine production and packaging of various chemicals and materials. The Department of Electronic Chemicals is a multidisciplinary comprehensive discipline field such as chemistry, chemical engineering, material science, and electronic engineering.

The quality of electronic chemicals not only directly affects the quality of electronic products, but also has a significant impact on the industrialization of microelectronic manufacturing technology.

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    The overall development of the China's electronic chemicals industry

    The development of the electronic chemicals industry is closely related to the downstream electronic components production industry, whether it is the product type of electronic chemicals or technological innovation, to a large extent depends on the production needs of the downstream industry. In addition, the electronic chemicals industry, as a subdivision of the fine chemical industry, is also closely related to the overall development level of the fine chemical industry, and the technological progress of the fine chemical industry is an important driving force for the rapid development of the electronic information industry.overall of the China's electronic chemicals industry
    At present, China’s electronic chemicals industry is in the stage of rapid development of localization substitution:

    on the one hand, foreign electronic chemicals industry giants have invested and built factories in China, relying on strong financial strength, more advanced management concepts and production models, and high technical level to quickly occupy the market.

    On the other hand, China electronic chemical manufacturers rely on the continuous improvement of technical level and flexible business strategy, in a number of electronic chemical subdivisions to make breakthroughs, gradually changed the early foreign-funded enterprises dominated the market competition pattern, some of which have gradually developed into China industry leaders, in PCB electronic chemicals, photoresist, ultra-clean high-purity reagents, PCB substrate materials, semiconductor chemicals, liquid crystal materials, capacitor chemicals, special adhesives, A number of listed companies have emerged in sub-industries such as lithium battery chemicals.

    Development of special ink industry

    Development of special ink industryWith the continuous advancement of information technology, the rapid development of consumer electronics and communication industry has driven the increasing demand for PCB boards, and the demand for PCB ink as an important raw material for PCB boards has gradually risen.

    According to research, from 2015 to 2020, the output of PCB boards in the Americas and Europe has declined, but the output of China’s PCB boards has increased, and the output value has exceeded that of Europe and the United States, and China has become the world’s main producer of PCB boards.

    Due to the breakthrough in the production technology of synthetic resin, the key material for manufacturing PCB ink in recent years, PCB ink has gradually got rid of imports, and multi-furniture competitive listed companies represented by Guangxin Materials and Rongda Photosensitive have emerged in the special ink industry.

    The application mechanism of photosensitive special ink products is shown in the following figure:

    Development status of specialty coating industry

    The development of the special coating industry is closely related to the development of downstream application fields, and the deepening and broadening of downstream application fields, the rapid growth of domestic terminal brand business and the localization of the supply chain have driven the rapid development of the China special coating industry.Development status of specialty coating industry
    1) In recent years, the smart phone and notebook computer market has maintained a stable trend, the competition of various brands has become increasingly fierce, and the deepening demand for product differentiation and high-end quality has increased, leading the electronic coating industry to develop rapidly in the direction of customization, high comprehensive performance and system services.

    At the same time, the continuous expansion of downstream emerging subdivided application fields, with the rapid growth of wearable devices, smart home appliances, passenger auto parts, and the gradual increase in emerging high-end consumer goods applications with network interconnection functions under the development of 5G and Internet of Things technologies, the demand for related special coatings is growing.

    2) With the gradual improvement of China’s manufacturing technology level, coupled with the abundant raw material resources and moderate labor costs in China, the focus of high-end consumer goods represented by the high-end consumer electronics industry at all levels has gradually shifted to China, providing a strong guarantee for the development of the China special coatings industry.

    3) With the tightening of environmental protection policies and VOC emission rectification, environmental protection coatings have broad growth prospects, and special coatings have gradually developed in the direction of energy saving, environmental protection and high performance in terms of product structure. In addition, computers, communications and consumer electronics have high requirements for anti-corrosion and appearance decoration, which is closely related to the coatings used, and the quality of the surface coating process has become one of the important indicators to determine the grade of products.

    Through a large amount of R&D investment, the continuous introduction of new coatings with higher technology content and better environmental performance has become an important development trend in the special coating industry. Compared with solventborne coatings and waterborne coatings, UV-curable coatings have excellent comprehensive performance and low VOC emissions, which is expected to become the development direction of special coatings in the future.


    Electronic chemicals are specialty chemicals that support the electronics industry. The development of the electronics industry depends on the development of electronic chemicals and electronic chemical materials.

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